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This week’s issue focuses on a portion of the President’s new budget plan, figuring on taxing the very rich of this country in order to decrease the deficit and balance the budget.

Seems to me there is a better idea, a much better way to handle dealing with the very rich in America. Were this my ball to roll with, here is how I would handle the situation.

First, I would not think of it in the negative sense of “taxing” anybody. That is not a popular idea these days, and everyone deserves consideration. There are other ways to use our resources, and positive views which must take precedence over the overwhelming outpouring of negatives we are at present dealing with in this nation. Taxation of the rich is not the solution; there is a much better way to do this.

Second, I would not think of getting Congress to cooperate until I have drafted, looked over, and revised the plan so it really seems to make sense. Also, there are more than the very rich to deal with here; everyone has to have a place in this plan. It is teamwork, after all, teamwork that includes an entire nation, and that is gigantic. It is Mission Control at its very best. The members of Congress are among those rich I would be asking for that little extra money, and this is a delicate situation.

For the specific category of that small percentage of America’s citizens, with whom such firms as Abbot Downing will be dealing, households with assets of $50 million and up, I treat them as I would royalty. Once upon a gilded age there was that group of people folks called American royalty, and they are with us today. There are the Vanderbilts, the Trumps, the Gates’, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, the Kennedys, and others in the celebrity world to whom people look for inspiration.

Civility and my most honorable and best manners must take center stage when I meet with these citizens. Treat them as they would like to be treated- pass the good behavior on to others. Treat them as I would anybody, with diplomacy, with grace, and with graciousness. They are the people whom I will be asking to invest in this country, so I will need to interact with them, listen to them, hear them out and understand how they view business.

I might suggest that they put some of those millions and billions of $$$$ into investing in small businesses in their states, and have them deeply to consider the stimulus that would provide. Put the word out: you can help ten or twenty people with good business ideas start their companies up or expand a really good proposition. You will give a certain amount to each idea you approve, say half a million to one million dollars, and then you can participate and watch the progress happen.

You would do so much good for your country, and see the difference you can make in someone’s life. Someone waiting for that big break to happen, someone who was laid off, who is falling on hard times and has a young family to support, some older person who might not be able to otherwise find work in the standard workplace, would feel so good with your help. With you listening, sitting down with them, talking with them over lunch or dinner or tea, with you offering your help and boosting someone’s morale, the progress would happen, and you would feel good too.

Benevolence benefits the giver and the receiver- that is essential to remember. More later in “Open Signs: Signals of a Healthy Economy.”

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