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English: US Marine Corps Senior Drill Instruct...

English: US Marine Corps Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant T. Warren, Platoon 1057, Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, stands at parade rest while waiting for the Battalion Commander aboard , . The Battalion Commander is inspecting the B CO recruits as they wrap up their final week of recruit training. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listening to the President give his speech on the economy earlier today, I had to wonder just what the politicians in Washington, and for that matter at all levels of national government, are doing these days.

After all, any employer would wonder what their staffers are doing on the job, and in essence we have elected- hired, taken on- those politicians who now think to make themselves the spenders of our tax dollars, the makers of laws they would just as soon break, the high-horse folks who are in administration and do a lot of adding but not a lot of ministering. Besides, if we acted as our senators and representatives do, on the job and in the workplace, we most likely would be fired.

Perhaps that is what we should do to the members of Congress- give them notice, reprimand them with severe letters, and if they do not perform to our satisfaction, then point it out that termination is the resort to which we go in order to make the point that we are not satisfied with the work they are doing. They make excellent salaries, have all the perks and privileges anyone could want, but do they deserve those perks or just demand them?

We have to EARN our keep and GET BY and MAKE CUTS and TIGHTEN OUR BELTS, eh? Well now, what are our so-beloved and so-scared and so-high-horse officials doing on those ends to make satisfaction? I believe they are making in-house deals on stocks or bonds, perhaps precious commodities and rare-earth elements, or perhaps they are putting their hands in the pork barrel for some “extra” money for a pet project that will get them some kind of re-election bid or a photo-op.

You senators have tough jobs, you think, eh? Well what about the janitor or the teacher, the unemployed teenager who really wants to work and would do so for anything to make money for college or for something special; what about the single mom or the displaced dad who worries for their kids every day or the man on the oil rig or the mechanic doing the dirty work under the hood of…perhaps YOUR luxury car or even the guy servicing your private jet? What about them, senators? WHAT ABOUT THEM? I would ask you again, WHAT ABOUT THEM?

Don’t go riding the President or one single official or set of officials. The fault is that of the entire congess, the corrupt government system we put up with every day- the head of it, that is. State and local governments are not squeaky clean and pristine- you can take that to the bank. Ride yourselves hard till you break and crack like the nurses, the first responders, the commercial pilots, the barge pilots, the sewer cleaners and the folks who work the garbage details.

What do you lazy and inept officials need all ready? Some Marine Drill Instructor to come and take you all off to ten weeks of basic, wear your socks off, calisthenics every morning, obstacle course, get youself in shape routine? What do you need- lessons in even the basic courtesies? Well, some stout DI could knock some sense into you all right, and apparently that is what you need. Maybe the President- as the Commander in Chief of this nation, could order you to boot camp.

You certainly need to know what real work is and get out of your big, elaborate offices, off your big gluteus maximi, out of your arrogant and sinful, shameful behaviors and work for what this nation really need. In fact one phrase would benefit you: DO YOUR JOB, just shut up with the filibusters and the fault-finding and the blame and the party lines and DO YOUR WORK!


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The official flag of the Nashville metropolitan government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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