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How to Get Ahead in Advertising

How to Get Ahead in Advertising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is one thing we are tired of and that it does not seem we will get totally accustomed to, it is the absolutely high amount of ads television and the media put out these days. It is as if advertising is going to lose its potency, there are so many ads during shows that I would bet some of you are inclined to say, “Want a little show with those ads?”

One type of ad that leaves me wondering about how advertisers view their markets is the health and wellness ad. I mean, who wants to hear about having a colonoscopy during their lunch hour, or talking about cancer treatments when they sit down to dinner? This problem, that malady, this drug, that pill, this treatment center, that health system… I mean, really people! All day and every day? Geeez.

A report stated that Americans are becoming hypochondriacs. Could it be that overdose of health ads all over the place that are making people so? Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth, and familiarity breeds contempt.

I think if people are that interested in wanting to know something, they will find out about it. There is no need for so many “health” ads all the time on television and the web. People know about hospitals and clinics enough when they are in their areas- openings would be in papers and talked about enough. But every two or ten minutes or so… goodness sakes.

I mean it makes me want to reach for the “mute” or the “off” the second I hear one more promo for this “procure center”, that cancer treatment, prostate or breast cancer, diseases and problems talked about in demographic terms, drugs, this pill, that supplement, that capsule, this remedy, talked about by this expert, that guru, or the other hospital; this test, that diagnostic, this screening, this is good for you, that is bad for you, government knows what you need, regulating size and content of this or that food, the corrupt FDA, this minute clinic, that corporate drugstore providing everything… AAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Starts to sound like a run -on sentence.

I wish some other sort of ad sponsor, something with good news or positive news, would buy out those health ad sponsors and corporations that stereotype certain parts of the day for elderly and women viewers and such. Not all the time are there only elderly or women watching late morning or afternoon shows these days. Single fathers are out there too, and I don’t think they would be terribly interested in ads for cosmetics. Likewise, many women are into areas of work and other interests that also attract men, such as automobiles, sports, the military.

Please, no more “sexy” automobiles and such. Women are concerned about performance and mechanics too, you know. It would not inspire me to buy a car if a beefcake man was in the ad or a supermodel woman in the ad. Performance and practicality, thank you.

And then there are Geico‘s ads with this “Maxwell the Pig” character. In short, does nothing for me that would inspire me to go out and get insurance from Geico (and the gecko does nothing either). “Whee” and that grunt at the end of some of the radio ads… böring. Rather bland, dry, tasteless try for getting subscribers. Stick to what the ad is about and show real people and stories/ testimonials/ offices; talking animals are for the movies.

Celebrities… also incredibly boooring, whether in ads or in the news. No need for some overpaid person sitting in a car or pretending to drink something to get me to go out and buy a product. Enough on them.

Advertising… how about an ad series on advertising itself?

Own an ad company? Get to know your markets a little better.

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