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Well of all the nerve, shoving an elderly lady in so volatile and uncalled – for a manner, and in front of one’s youngster too! When I heart that story I about flipped my proverbial lid and wanted to know what drove him to treat a senior citizen in such a terrible manner.

Poor boy who witnessed his father acting so crudely and cruelly towards that lady. Now did she deserve so heavy a treatment as that, being shoved so that she injured her head severely? Of course not.

Parents these days are too touchy about even the slightest thing said to their so – precious kids who can’t do anything wrong. Well they can do the wrong thing and so can their parents, these so – perfect parents around these days who think they can’t do anything wrong either. WELL YOU CAN TOO – so OWN UP!

Yes, that’s right, OWN UP and MAKE GOOD! You awful, rude, rotten, mean and cruel man who shoved the lady who was only making a comment about the behavior of the child. All the man had to do was take his leave peacefully, or say calmly, “I see he is doing something that is not right or that offends you. I will take care of it at home.” Then he could have gone ahead with his son on the stroll, taking the boy away from the source of temptation for a while.

Later on perhaps the father could educate his son on the way to respect and treat wildlife, such as not chasing them into a situation where they could get run over or otherwise injured, and not feeding them food meant for humans. He could show his son where the birds live, whether or not they are endangered, and how to take care of the environment so that wildlife can have a place and we can share the planet with our wonderful birds and animals and plants.

I hope the lady will be all right, and that from this incident we all will learn how to show proper respect for our senior citizens. They –  our friends, parents, grandparents, teachers, professors, and other providers paved the way for us and we need to make sure their way is smooth too.

Divi Logan for ®EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, ©2012.