The most precious commodity we as citizens of the United States of America have, that being TRUST, has again been broken, shattered, and spread all over the soiled ground of Washington, that touted District of Columbia, our nation’s capital and its environs, by a scandal that has rocked the CIA and spread to other states faster than most diseases.

General David Petraeus (I call him Betray-us) resigned from being director of the CIA, which was the proper decision to make considering the circumstances. He has disgraced the uniform of the United States Army, the Code of Conduct, and the teamwork and standing by principles that are the backbone of our military. He has broken rank, put himself above others, had an affair, been involved in the possible compromise of national security, and caused enough new and unwelcome faces to appear on our morning news – talk shows.

We need no more of the junk that has crossed and double – crossed our screens in the past week. We have enough of the military in the news every day with the wars, the wasteful spending, the killing, the bombing, the guns and the burning. Now we have a man who was supposed to be one of our most recent national heroes, a hero of course for ordering people killed in the name of freedom and of democracy. He sure has put plenty of flies into his fruit salad.

Now we have to put up with hearing the words mistress, compromise, FBI in someone’s house going through files and taking a computer, of a scandalous book deal, of a sordid love affair, of the ruin of a fine marriageof nearly forty years, of a wife in turmoil and very livid indeed, and of the he -said and she -said goings on that have ruined so many people.

Trust has been broken and promises thrown by the wayside; oaths taken in the glimmer of hope for improvement and doing good service for one’s nation have been thrown into the muck and trod upon by the officials we put into place to solve problems and do the right thing. Instead they have caused problems, done the wrong things, succumbed to greed and pride, envy and arrogance, gluttony and malice.

They are victims of that which we in this country refuse to talk about and to acknowledge – the Seven Deadly Sins. There is a reason why these are called deadly and sins, and from pride to lust to greed to anger every one of these little demons of the mind and spirit they come into the vulnerable mind and set their seeds. The results are what we see and hear in the news every day, saturating the mind and heart with scandal, anger, murder, drug use, alcoholism, gangs, betrayal, kids being shot, marriages being unraveled by that which we are seeing right now in the national news spotlight. What have we done to ourselves and others that we have resorted to such a destruction of our most precious quality that bonds us to one another?

Do we want a nation that is a better place to be and work, live and play? We had better wake up to this reduction of trust and responsibility. Only then will we learn that we can talk about the rest of the issues all we want – the “economy”, jobs, education, travel, food, war spending, the fiscal cliff, Congress being uncooperative, streets, sanitation, disease control, FEMA, disaster relief, drought, farm relief, and everything else, but until we foster and strengthen that better quality of trust that should at all times surround and bind and inspire us, we will do nothing to satisfaction.

Forget Betray – us, scandal, the CIA, “the gummint“, Washington and the FBI, the wasteful meetings and the stuff of Congress. Learn to govern yourselves, set the proper example for the officials you elected, write letters, hound them with phone calls and make them do the right thing. If they do not, let us treat them as our bosses would do us if we slacked or did the wrong thing on the job – we should be able to kick them out of office – to FIRE THEM, let us be to the point. We would not be given four years or more to make our job conduct correct; if we wasted money, slept on the job, took travel days without telling the boss, lazed about in the break room, and talked trash about our colleagues, we would receive more than a reprimand.

Govern yourselves and be careful to keep the optimistic mood up despite all that is going on. Govern your habits and your lifestyle, set the example for others, and be a beacon on the path when others have slacked off or cut corners. No more betrayal, no more broken promises, no more troublemaking, no more breaches of faith, folks – now is the time for the good citizens to step up and come to the assistance of the country.

Divi Logan for EDUSHIRTS, Nashville and Chicago, 2012.