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Crossroads of the Chicago Address system

Crossroads of the Chicago Address system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well now, the players from Chicago -area schools Walter Payton and Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory academies are going to sit down to breakfast together before their game this weekend.

Now this is a story that is so convoluted it is hard to believe the people on the Payton side of the issue. First the Payton people said it was a “safety” issue, and everyone jumped all over that one (so transparent it was not hard to see what the REAL thought train was), and then it was AP exams, then it was a “transportation” concern.

So you spoiled folk could not get a charter bus to get to the stadium? Sure. Ever heard of a carpool or hiring a van or taking a train and then some cabs perhaps? I mean come on; if you want to get someplace you CAN and WILL get there. And as to chartering a bus or one of those large limousine vehicles, there are enough companies around here with busses and coaches and limos to accommodate anyone. If they can handle conferences and the airports and the bus stations they can surely find a bus or a large van to handle a baseball team’s travel logistics.

Also, you Payton people seriously dissed the people of the Ninth Ward and Alderman Beale and the entire school population of Brooks. You snubbed an entire community and smeared the culture of academics and sports because of a few places that have been in the news as violent or as tough parts of town.

Of course you know that the moment you cross one inch south of the intersection of Madison and State Streets in the Loop you are on the “south side”. Just look at the address numbers. The “south side” does not start at Roosevelt Road and State Street; it starts the moment you cross south of Madison Street in the Loop. And do not get the mistake of thinking that the “north side” is perfect; violent events happen on the “north side” too if you pay enough attention to the news.

Well, what now, Brooks side? After you have breakfast with the Payton players will you continue to want them off your schedule for good? Will this meeting over a meal help smooth out the situation and get everyone on good terms again, where you can focus on being good sports and on what baseball means and what being part of a team can do for everyone involved? I think you would be good sports and visit the Payton people on their home grounds even though the “north side” can be a violent and disturbing area of town. I also hope that when the game happens you beat the stew out of Payton and send them packing, tails tucked, with something like a score of 20 to 0. Get those base hits, get those home runs, get those pitches in there for strikes and when you get a hit run it out hard! RUN IT OUT, gentlemen, and run them right back north with the shouts of your victory echoing in their ears.

Everyone can learn from what has happened between Payton and Brooks schools; every person in Chicago can wake up and take a close look and understand what the situation meant and what can be done to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Divi Logan, Chicago, ©2013.