English: A five-year-old girl listens as her t...
English: A five-year-old girl listens as her teacher explains how to keep arms up when swimming face-down. Foam board and swim toys are visible in the foreground and group classes are visible in the water far left and right background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the news this morning was an article in one of the features provided on that radio station, which talked about pool safety, and this issue turns up every spring and summer when public pools begin to open for business.

Well, the smug sounding demographically -inclined lady speaker for the Consumer Products Safety Commission comes on sounding so sure and so “right” of herself and said that African -American children are more likely to drown.

WHY do they think that, and whom did they study or talk to in order to get this information?

Certainly it was not MY family. I know how to swim and learned how to very early in life.

Every child needs to learn to swim, and the resources are out there. Especially if you live around a lake or around people who boat and fish and have swimming pools in their yards or bring out any kind of pool during good weather, you NEED TO LEARN TO SWIM.

It is vital to know water safety because one day you might end up out on the lake or with someone who is doing recreational water sports. What if someone gets in trouble or is missing a life jacket? Would you be able to save them?

Using race in this manner was highly inappropriate and irrelevant and very insulting. What do they think, that African -American kids do not have the resources to learn how to swim, or they are all poor and cannot afford swimming lessons or a bathing suit? The demographers are so full of bologna and they make it appear they are doing something good for the rest of he country. B.S!

The census bureau demographers do nothing but divide this nation and pit people against each other. They keep the Civil War going, nothing less. They keep people inferior and vulnerable and wary and leery and protective and paranoid. They make me sick.

English: A Private Swimming Pool
English: A Private Swimming Pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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