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These days, amid the hectic and herd mentality turmoil of this modern and present and all -too -present world and worldliness mind we are in, we need to seek and find and make time for ourselves.

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras with descriptions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We who devote many hours of the week to helping others in what we call our careers and occupations, need to have time and space to ourselves, to explore, to find our inner selves and our creative juices and learn and work with them, far away from the noise and bickering of the madding crowd.

I have found learning about and reading about and meditations on the chakras most beneficial even though I am a beginner at this learning process. The chakras are our energy centers, along the spine and running thus throughout our body. We can have them in balance or they can be out of balance and cause all kinds of problems.

Preferably, why not be at peace, balance, harmony and joy, allowing your creative and special energy to flow out and energize everyone to inspire them to be people of active goodwill (love) and grace and civility and all that is good about us being human.



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