Well, shall we all stand up and say it together, nice and loud? Let’s do that: GO HOME CONGRESS! PLEASE GO HOME!

And when you do, senators, take arrogant and foolish people like Chris Christie with you, eh?

Come on now, citizens of what should be the richest, finest, strongest nation on earth, have you seen enough? 2014 isn’t starting out on the best of footing politically, now is it? All ready we have New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hot in the spotlight because of total arrogance and foolishness from his staff and which will no doubt shoot his campaign bid straight down the drain with the people responsible for the chemical spill that has tainted the water supply of over 300,000 people in the Charleston, West Virginia area.

Governor Christie has made a terrible mistake, and not in the claim that he knew nothing about the problems for the mayor of Fort Lee and people along the George Washington Bridge- sure he knew what was going on. And the report is that a lady died waiting for emergency assistance because of that foul up. What did the First Responders have to say about that incident?

Their job is to save lives and how can they do that when politicians who do not know what those few precious seconds can mean to the saving of life and property, get in the way with their blind eyes and their foolish attitudes? You can’t exactly take a fire engine or ambulance across a traffic jam on some bridge. Politics involved- party lines involved… you better believe it, and for what? When will these idiots we call our representatives learn to agree?

Now Governor Christie has wasted 25 million dollars on an ad campaign. Well, you can read enough about that sad issue. What arrogance. What foolishness. What was wrong with the other bid?



And now to the poor folks in West Virginia. Three hundred thousand people without potable water for drinking, water which turns a strange shade of blue and has an odor that makes it unsuitable for cooking or bathing, and which is appropriate for only flushing one’s toilets. Is this just another example of official arrogance in the name of the chemical companies that we know are producing products that are known to cause cancer (carcinogens), to foul the natural environment and get into the groundwater and the watersheds so valuable to the preservation of our wildlife and ourselves too? Sure it is. Just listen closely to what the news people say (and do not say).





The chemical that spilled into the water is 4-methyl-cyclohexane-methanol, or MCHM. This is something we need to know more about. Plainly we do not even know enough about who is building factories and plants or supplying these industries in our states. They are just allowed to bulldoze through their policies and get billions of dollars in tax breaks and other corporate privileges.

No such thing then as “clean coal”- how very hazardous and terrible for those poor citizens. How very unfortunate and sad.

How far deep into this mucky mire is the governor of West Virginia? What has his support of the chemical industry cost his constituents, and in more than clean water and the ability to enjoy their homes and businesses and schools and houses of worship? What will happen in the next gubernatorial election in West VA? Would YOU trust this man with your resources?

Perhaps these officials, who have betrayed the trust we put to them with our votes, and our time and money in supporting them, need to have some gratitude for their homes and their jobs, need to take time to see what they eat and wear and who makes it and where it comes from. Who takes care of them and their houses and their offices? The people who take care of them cannot do so if bridges close and there is no fresh water to drink or homes to go to in safety and confidence. The officials cannot expect the best from their people when they do not give their best.

Do you have clean water, a home to go to, a meal on the table? Are your children home safe from school; do you have a stable household and a loving family? Is your home warm and cozy with a television, maybe a gaming system, a stereo, a den with a nice computer and good books to read?

How blessed do you feel right now? Consider those blessings next time you go to the polling places. Vote for those who will have care about others besides themselves. So the question is this:

How blessed and grateful do you feel right now?

Divi Logan. Chicago, 2014.